Strategic Plan

The DUHS over the past few years have focused on harnessing every accessible human and material resources, as well as initiatives and innovations to provide strategic direction for the Directorate in a competitive and dynamic health care delivery environment. With the enormous developmental changes already in the Directorate and with a great deal more ahead in the next few years, the Directorate recently brought together key leaders and stakeholders to develop a five (5) year strategic plan for the period 2015 – 2020 to achieve the hospital’s vision of becoming a secondary healthcare facility. The basic idea was to keep the priorities that still make sense, recalibrate based on what we have accomplished, and then add new goals to reflect today’s new realities. It reaffirms the Directorate’s long-standing commitment to excellence in patient care and quality health services in the University community and beyond.
The Plan focuses on ten (10) key thrusts as follows:

  1. Redevelop the physical structures of the Hospital and the General Environment for Quality Health Care
  2. Recruit, develop, motivate and maintain well qualified staff
  3. Increase the number of specialist services
  4. Expand Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic services
  5. Build a strong customer healthcare service
  6. Procure and maintain the state of the art equipment for quality health delivery
  7. Restructure the Governance and Administrative system of the Directorate in line with National and Global trends.
  8. Develop a strong and reliable ICT and MIS services for efficient healthcare delivery
  9. Transform the DUHS into a centre of learning and research for staff and students of the university
  10. Establish a strong public health unit

The plan has been formatted into these strategic areas with primary responsibilities, secondary implementers, indicators and target/time frame for each key thrust.The usual benevolence and kind support from stakeholders within the University Community and beyond is also highly appreciated.

Download Strategic Plan: